We are connecting children with their dreams and creating agents of change for the Maasai people. The Maasai Children Education is a community-based non-profit organization and NGO based in Arusha Tanzania, The organization’s humanitarian and relief work is aimed at building schools, water systems and providing academic scholarship to disadvantaged children..In the names of thousands of children, thank you in advance.

You are invited to work hand-in-hand with us in the following areas: To be a part-time volunteer with us.To support one of our projects financially.To sponsor these children as you are able.To help build the school or orphanage center.To provide transport means (like a car or small bus.)Remember our projects are happening because of people like you.Together we are making a difference. Thank you.Let us hear from you today.

Without your support this mission will not be possible.Please fill out the form to request additional information.We have more children in villages desiring an education. With your support we can connect these children with their dreams and give them a bright future. In the names of thousands of children, thank you in advance

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Plan your own Voluntourism Adventure

Would you like to embark on a voluntourism adventure that is tailor made to suit your family or your own group of travel friends, work colleagues, sporting group, social club or special interest group?

Not a problem! Organizing a private itinerary and project is as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email.

Internship Abroad

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Maasai Children Education, Creates tailor-made internships in Arusha, Tanzania in business, health care, human rights, education and many other fields. Business projects include conducting macro

Student Sponsorship


With a donation start from $200.00 US, you can sponsor a child for a full year. That’s as little as 55 cents a day of 200.00 USD! This includes uniforms, lunch, books, school supplies and educational day trips….

Make a Donation


In the names of thousands of children, thank you in advance.You are welcome and invited to work with us to help make a difference in so many lives of children and extremely poor families….

Maasai Cultural Experience

Tanzania is endowed with the rich cultural heritage of 120 ethnic tribes. Maasai Children Education’ Cultural Tourism Program provides visitors with authentic cultural experiences that combine nature, scenery, folklore, ceremonies, dances, food, rituals, tales, art, handicrafts and hospitality that give a unique insight into the local people’s way of life.