Maasai Cultural Experience

Tanzania is endowed with the rich cultural heritage of 120 ethnic tribes. Maasai Children Education’ Cultural Tourism Program provides visitors with authentic cultural experiences that combine nature, scenery, folklore, ceremonies, dances, food, rituals, tales, art, handicrafts and hospitality that give a unique insight into the local people’s way of life.

At Maasai Children Education, we strive for business practices that help produce social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities in which we operate. It is the sincere desire of Maasai Children Education to assist indigenous communities in Northern Tanzania, and we are proud to support a number of local initiatives at grassroots levels as our way of contributing to a holistic approach to global development.

The addition of a Maasai Children Education cultural tourism program will compliment your safari and complete your experience of Africa. All of our cultural tourism programs are organized with respect for the local cultures, villagers and homes we visit. By meeting the diverse local cultures first hand you will experience what makes Tanzania so special.

Maasai Children Education arranges each cultural exchange based on your particular interests; hospitals, orphanages, schools, villages and home visits are popular. We work directly with local communities with our Initiative Programs to ensure that visits are conducted with utmost respect for both the visitors and the local communities, families and organizations involved.

The development and survival of the Maasai people is a matter of grave concern to us. We strongly believe that we can bring sustainable social-economic development to the Maasai region, while preserving our cultural heritage. We do not have to abandon our traditions and culture to thrive in the modern world.

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