Plant a Tree in Tanzania

Plant a Tree in TanzaniaPlant a Tree in Tanzania

Did you know that the simple act of planting a tree can help build healthy communities in rural Africa? That’s because…
Everything is connected.

  • Without fertile soil, food production declines and hunger increases
  • Without adequate forest cover soils become depleted
  • Without secure food supplies and clean water, good health is impossible.

Deforestation and land degradation are complex problems.

  • An estimated 90 percent of people use fuelwood for cooking.
  • Firewood and brush supply about 52 percent of all energy sources.
  • Africa loses an estimated 5 million hectares of tropical forest area per year.
  • Land degradation is estimated to affect about 230 million hectares annually.

3Trees are a source of life!

Often, we don’t think about the fact that trees are a crucial ingredient to sustaining good health – especially in rural Africa. Trees provide many of life’s day-to-day necessities and:

  • Help increase food production by returning moisture and nutrients to the soil.
  • Add moisture to the air, which can increase rainfall and help combat famine producing drought.
  • Provide food, medicine, wood products, fuel and income.
  • Clean the air for the entire global community and help prevent global warming.

When you Plant a Tree in Africa, you’ll support plant trees and:

  • Help establish locally run tree nurseries with multipurpose tree seedlings
  • Provide tools, supplies and training to local groups (hoes, watering cans etc.)
  • Support community education campaigns and school environmental clubs.
  • Restore degraded lands and gullys

The development and survival of the Maasai people is a matter of grave concern to us. We strongly believe that we can bring sustainable social-economic development to the Maasai region, while preserving our cultural heritage. We do not have to abandon our traditions and culture to thrive in the modern world.