Tanzania Village Water Project


The volunteers of Maasai Children Education have discovered an incredibly critical need for access to clean drinking water in Northern Tanzania. Using our time and effort and your help, we will be able to drill a well that will bring clean drinking water to a village of nearly 3,000 people!

Water is LIFE. We need it to DRINK. We need it to WASH. We need it to live. Only 54% of the Tanzania population has access to improved water supplies and 24% have access to adequate sanitation. The current water source for these villagers is an infected water hole. Since this is the only available source of water, it is often contaminated from washing, human and animal waste, garbage, and even dead animals. Drinking unsafe water leads to illness by water-borne diseases. Each year, 20,000 children die before the age of five in Tanzania due to diarrheal diseases.

Because the available water source is a long distance from the village, women and children spend over two hours a day collecting water and sometimes up to seven hours for villagers in remote areas. These hours could be spent at a job, in school, or doing other things at home. Lives would be saved and quality of life would improve with an accessible well in this village.

Our Project Plan

image001Maasai Children Education has been coordinating the Village Water Project with the organization’s and the Village Drill. The village Drill is a well drilling unit that was designed in the United States as a cheaper alternative to commercial well drilling available in Tanzania. Because this drill is completely man-powered and is easily transported, the entire operation is far more affordable and effective way to bring clean water to people around the world.

We want to involve the village as much as possible. They will help to drill the well, install the pipes and pump, and learn how to manage and maintain the drill in the future. This is their village project to learn to work together and help each other; we are just here to guide them along.


This budget includes all costs associated with creating a fully functional water-giving well. Transportation cost includes the transportation of the drill, supplies, volunteers, and drilling guide to the site. Drilling cost includes the cost to pay workers to operate the drill with us, the pay for drilling guide, the necessary pipes needed for the well walls, the concrete pad for the top. Cost for the Indian Mark 2 Water Pump is the quoted price from the company. Miscellaneous supplies include water tests and instructional materials for the pump.

Please see the project flyer under the gallery tab for more information!

We need your HELP!

If you can not donate money, please share our story with family and friends! Water is LIFE! Help us bring clean water to the people of Tanzania! Thank you so much for all the amazing support!

If you have questions, please email us at henry@maasaichildreneducation.org

The development and survival of the Maasai people is a matter of grave concern to us. We strongly believe that we can bring sustainable social-economic development to the Maasai region, while preserving our cultural heritage. We do not have to abandon our traditions and culture to thrive in the modern world.