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Maasai Children Education Centre (MCEC) is non-profit organization registered in Tanzania working to eradicate poverty in the Maasai community, through education, health and local clean water.  Many Maasai communities are battling water scarcity, struggling to gain access to any water source at all. The limited access to this vital human right is inflicting great damage on the Maasai’s other human rights to health, education and economic development. MCEC also works for the protection of women and children’s rights in the areas of education, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced child marriage, sexual and gender-based violence and human rights.


We are committed to ensuring that Maasai communities have access to high quality education, clean water and primary health care to successfully achieve their goals and potential. MCE tackles the root causes of poverty and inequality with the goal of creating a new economically empowered, ethical generation.


A thriving, self-sustaining Maasai community with basic human rights for all. Our vision is to build an educated and developed Maasai community whose cultural practices contributes positively towards gender and social equity and respect for human rights. We also envision a future which Maasai communities have ready access to clean water.


MCE is an organization that believes education can change the world, that economic opportunity can shift harmful gender norms, that leaders can come from the most rural and difficult environments.






Our Projects

Healthcare of Ngorongoro Maasai

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Access to healthcare, a basic human right most take for granted, is not such a
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Water Supply for Maasai Community

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Access to safe water has the power to break the circle of poverty, to protect
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Education of Maasai Children

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Education is a right. Education is often overlooked in Maasai communities, so we’re building and
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